Welcome to Sonoran Sea Resort



Late check out with prior approval and at a charge of $20.00 (U.S.) per hour.

Unapproved late check out will be at a charge of $30.00 (U.S.) per hour.

No refunds for early checkout, weather conditions or loss of power/water.

Welcome! The condo you have rented is privately owned and the owner is sharing it with you. Please take care of it as though it were your own (or better). We are confident that you will abide by these Rules and Regulations, and that your stay here will be most pleasurable. All Rules and Regulations are strictly enforced and violators will be held accountable; including, but not limited to, arrest by proper authorities, eviction from the premises and/or forfeiture of all money paid.

  No additional persons (including children)  are allowed to stay in the condo than confirmed on the reservation. There is no charge for children 12 years and under. Persons over 12 years are considered adults. Adults will be charged $20/night  per person if there are more than 2 in a 1-bedroom, 4 in a 2-bedroom, and 6 in a 3-bedroom condo.Some condos do not have sofa beds.

  Renters may not have pets of any kind/type/breed at Sonoran Spa Resort. If a pet is found in your condo or Sonoran Spa Resort public areas, eviction will be immediate and no refunds will be given (including security deposit).

  Please do not move or rearrange the furniture. Do not take the dishes, bed linens or towels in your unit to the beach or another unit - these items belong to the owner of the condo you are staying in, not the condo you are visiting. Everything is on inventory and anything damaged, broken, missing or lost will be charged to you. Please report any noticeable damages immediately upon check-in.

  Daily maid service is not provided. If cleaning supplies, toilet paper, trash bags or drinking water are in need of replacement, they will be restocked. Please notify the front desk if you need these items. There are 6 towel sets in a 1-bedroom condo, 10 in a 2-bedroom and 15 in a 3-bedroom condo. There are 2 shower mats for each bathroom, 2 kitchen towels, dish cloths and potholders. All condos have washer and dryers. Missing and damaged linens will be charged to the renter - Bath towel, $10; hand towel, $8, wash cloth $5. Shower mat $8, kitchen towel $5, dish cloth $4, Potholder $4. Bedsheets are $10 each and Pillow cases are $4.

  ATV’s, fireworks and firearms are prohibited on the beach. Use of fireworks in the condos or any area of Sonoran Spa Resort could result in immediate eviction. Camping is not allowed on the property. No glass containers/glasses are allowed at the pool or on the beach.

  Please abide by any notices posted in or on the premises of your rental condo and on the property of Sonoran Spa Resort. Pool/Jacuzzi hours are 9:00 am to 9:45 pm. Pool/beach towels are prohibited from the patio railings.

  BBQ grills are not allowed in the rental unit, on the patio or in the hallways. Community BBQs are next to the tennis courts.

  Excessive noise and/or complaints from neighbors may cause forfeiture of your deposit and possible eviction.

  Please put only toilet paper in the toilets, nothing else PLEASE.

  Please do not leave the air/heat on and the doors open - electricity is very expensive in Rocky Point. Should you not have hot water, check hot water heater switch in the laundry area.

  Return all keys at check out. There is a $20 dollar fee for each lost or non-returned key.

Before your departure, please:

  Wash the dishes and put them away.  Put trash in the proper containers.

  Turn off the air conditioner/furnace, fans, lights, coffeepot, etc. Please leave the refrigerator control at medium. Close the windows and doors, and make sure they are locked.

For your information:

Our Lobby is open 24-hours. Lobby telephone 382-8060.

  A $150 cash security deposit is required for each reservation paid with cash. This deposit will collected at the front desk when you check in and will be returned at the front desk after condo is inspected. Any lost, damaged or broken items will be deducted from this deposit. You will not be allowed to check in if you do not pay the security deposit.